Club Events

2024 Monthly Club Meetings-2nd Thursday of every Month at 7:00 p.m.

Jan 11th – Bethhaven Church

Feb 8th – Bethhaven Church

March 14th – Bethhaven Church

April 11th – Bethhaven Church

May 9th – Knights Field

June 13th – Knights Field

July 11th – Knights Field

August 8th – Knights Field

September 12th – Knights Field

October 10th – Bethhaven Church

November 14th –  Bethhaven Church

December 12th –  Bethhaven Church

2024 Knights Events at the Field

January 1: Frozen Thumb Fly

April 20 – Club Fun Fly and Night Fly: Competitive flying, food and some night time fun!

May 24-27 – Spring Elkhorn

July 20 – Club Swap Meet:  Come out for some good deals on airplanes and equipment! Buyers are FREE

August 2-3 – Pro Bro Event: Some of the best 3D and aerobatic flying around during the day and night! $25 includes landing fee, food and water

August 10th – National Model Aviation Day:  Fun, flying, food and a silent auction.  $10 landing fee. All proceeds go to Synergy Services

October 4-6 – Fall Elkhorn


Combat and Pylon racing!

Combat will take place with the schedule below.  Pylon racing will take place on the alternate Fridays at the same time. Come and join the fun on the scheduled Fridays 6 pm at the Knights Field

May 3 – Combat Start

May 10 – Pylon Start

Those who are in attendance at the Pro Bro we will likely fly combat that Friday evening This would be an exception to the posted schedule.
Last night of combat is flown traditionally at our Elkhorn event.

The address of the field is:

NE 96th St just east of Reinking Rd
Kansas City, MO 64157

and look for the sign on the right as you drive east on NE 96th Street.  We are just past the sport fields. 

Need the Knights Field map on your smartphone? Scan the QR code above and you are in business.

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