Club Fun Fly – June 8, 2019

Great weather for the first time in years made the 2019 Fun Fly a super event for the Knights.  Four contests were held: Drag race, 15 second power/glide and spot land, pylon (most laps in two minutes), Pylon with FPV and limbo.  23 Knights Pilots signed in for the day.  They were: Walter Beringer, Ashley Beringer, Gary Himes, Todd Richards, Steve Ramey, Mark Boggs, Gregg Boggs, Dave Stadler, Danny Williamson, Mike Coyne, Roy Orth, Charles Haefke, Pete Whitteck, Dwayne Thomas, Charlie Moubry, Dale A. Beck, Ron Carroll, Rick Noller, Ron Williams, Orin Schlight, Jake Shumann, Mark Nuetzmann, Randy Allman

Winners:  Drag Race – Walter Beringer   15 second power/glide/spot landing – Dave Stadler  Limbo – Mark Nuetzmann   Pylon racing – Dave Stadler    FPV – Todd Richards


Pictures from Darren Pierce and Steve Ramey

The address of the field is:

NE 96th St just east of Reinking Rd
Kansas City, MO 64157

and look for the sign on the right as you drive east on NE 96th Street.  We are just past the sport fields. 

Need the Knights Field map on your smartphone? Scan the QR code above and you are in business.

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