TRUST and UAS (unmanned aircraft systems)/Registration Information

Follow these links for all the information you need for the TRUST test (requirement for all RC flyers) and the UAS registration which is also required for all models (not just drones) of a certain weight.  Be sure and read the info that the links will give you.  It is recommended to click the AMA links as they are clearer with the exact information you will need.

Link for the FAA TRUST test – click here!  However, this link from the AMA is straightforward and has a link to the test.

Link for FAA UAS registration – click here!  This link to the AMA explains the issue of registration for all RC models and will answer all your questions.  There is also information about where to place it on your model.  NOTICE:  Todd has used this link and it worked perfect.  Suggest you try this first!

Remote ID is not needed at the Knights Field!

With all the information going around about remote ID, this is confirmation that we will not need remote ID on our planes while flying at our field.  The attached confirmation is to us even though the greeting is to Lisa.

The best to all,

Todd Richards

United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Federal Aviation Administration Home

Federal Aviation 


Hi Lisa,

The status for your FAA-Recognized Identification Area (FRIA) application 2023-CBO-00698-FRIA – KC Northern Knights MAC #1154 has been updated.

FRIA Application Status: Approved

Click the link below to log in to FRIA to see the FAA response.

For general inquiries or to request support with your account, please contact the UAS Support Center.

This is an automated email. Please do not respond directly.

The address of the field is:

NE 96th St just east of Reinking Rd
Kansas City, MO 64157

and look for the sign on the right as you drive east on NE 96th Street.  We are just past the sport fields. 

Need the Knights Field map on your smartphone? Scan the QR code above and you are in business.

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