Frozen Thumb Fly

1 Jan 2004

Jan 1 is the annual date of the Northern Knights Frozen Thumb Fly.  Some years, it is truly a frozen thumb fly.  Today was not one of those days.  The temperature was a high of 61 degrees with according to our wind sock, winds from the SSW at approximately 20mph with Gusts to 30mph.  In spite of the weather we handed out 37 certificates to persons who braved the wind.

 Looking back at my records last year had no crashes.  This year was not as clean.  There were several crashes. These were the five most notable crashes.  The first was Dale Beck�s IFO incident starting from one bench to the next bench and finally into the fence.  Next was Rick McQuerrey with his combat airplane.  Beats me how Rick can fly � a combat season and not hurt his airplane but while in the air by himself he can find the trees.  Not to be outdone Henry Alexander showed us how to take an airplane thru the trees and come out the other side.  Next Charlie Schroeder was flying his high power electric trainer when he found out the battery will only last for about 25 minutes.  He was forced to land in the field breaking his prop and vertical fin.  Last and obviously least, Gary Himes had a new GWS Lady bug and had minor problems since he did not check the ailerons which were hooked up backwards. 

As usual, Jim Stocker brought a large pot of chili and Dan Drennen furnished a large pot of ham & beans with a side of corn bread.  The club furnished bowls, spoons, crackers and cheese while various members brought platters of cookies & fudge plus a cake.  I would like to thank these individuals however I didn't keep track of every one who brought the goodies, so I must apologize and give you people a Big Thank YOU.  All the food was obviously very good as there were no leftovers to be taken home.

Bill Creswell got the first official flight of the year plus got in a training session in as well.  Danny Williamson also trained in the wind.

 HAPPY NEW EVERYONE!!!!  The certificate holders are as follows;

Henry Alexander William Crane Larry Johnson "young" Ragland Steve Wells
Tony Becerra Bill Creswell Larry Legg Charles Schroeder Pete Whitteck
Dale Beck Dan Drennen Keri McQuerrey David Stadler Danny Williamson
Bruce Bellemore Rick Ellis Rick McQuerrey JR Stocker Guest of Larry Legg
Greg L Boggs Troy Hansen Ed Morrow Kyle Strope Guest of Greg Boggs
Greg W Boggs Gary Himes Brian Moten Ron Swindle  
Dave Brzuchalski Saralyn Himes Kerry Moten Dwayne Thomas  
Dennis Collins Gregg Hitzman Mark Nuetzmann James Thompson