Northern Knights brave the cold and wind to fly in the 2001 frozen thumb fly.

Jan 1, 2001………..12 degrees F, wind 5mph from the north w/minimal wind gusts (Wind chill of about -18 degrees).  Not particularly the best day for flying?  Well the Northern Knights had approx. a 20% turnout of flyers and others who just came to watch.  Even a round of combat was flown with Cartman getting the first cut of the year against Mr. Clean.  

As usual Jim Stocker furnished Chili for all to partake.  Jim Franklin was there with his bulb of magic juice that would start even the crankiest of motors.  A big thank you to both Jim’s for their services rendered!!  

The Following is a list of all who fought the elements and won to fly a round on New Years  Day  2001.  (In no particular order)  

Gary Himes   JR Stocker II   Phil Farmer  
Dave Brzuchalski   Ron Carroll  

Charlie Schroeder  

Rick Ellis   Jack Bonanno   William Crane  
Jim Franklin   Jim Justus   Douglas Howling  
Steve Camp   Walt Hulen   Danny Williamson 
Dwayne Thomas   Rick McQuerrey   Cecil Hylton  
Brad Farmer   Pete Whitteck   Gregg Hitzeman  
Bill Creswell   Jerry Brown