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 1 Jan 2003


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Certification is what it seems everyone is after these days and this is no different.  This certification is coveted by all Knights.  
To become a member of the Northern Knights Frozen Thumb Society you must endure great pain and suffering in the cold while flying a radio controlled plane with glow fuel soaked hands on New Years Day each year. Many endure more pain and suffering impaled by loved ones (normally ones significant other half) for simply not staying home on this day.  Further,  there is an unwritten rule that you must also partake of the grog which of course contains Jim Stocker's world famous Chili.   As tradition prevails, many a Knight showed up to receive his Frozen Thumb Certificate for 2003.  What better way could anyone hope for starting out the year.....  Happy New Year Everyone....  Webmaster - Randy CAmeron
Jan 1, 2003....................Once again, the beginning of a new year.   Where does the time go?  
Today was around 34 degrees with sunshine early turning to clouds.  In the after noon there were scattered sleet showers and winds were north to northeast at 10 to 15 mph.  Today there were 34 brave pilots to put a plane into the sky.  There no crashes or
mishaps today that I was aware off,  and just to make it more challenging we had two mole traps/orange cones in the middle of the runway to contend with.
The shelter, as usual is enclosed, with a couple of new modifications this year.  We extended the front out to the drip line which gives us an additional 75sq ft.  Don't sound like much but sure makes a big difference.  We also added a hard door this year.  So with the heaters furnished by Henry Alexander and Gary Himes keep us real comfy.  Jim Stocker supplied his yearly chili and Dan Drennen supplied ham & beans.   Pete Whitteck and Jim Forrester supplied cookies.  And of course, there were thermos of coffee and hot chocolate.
Bill Creswell tired to get the first flight in but a cranky Irvine motor keep him down while Ron Carroll got the first official flight of the year in.  Jim Forrester decided what a better day than new years day to test fly his new Fling King.  The Cambell family complete with grandpa and kids watched their brand new trainer fly in the hands on Danny Williamson
Of course the start of the new year would not be complete without W R Crane being the first to fly on the control line circle.  Larry Legg got the first helicopter flight in also.  
Many thanks to all those who made this possible and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! -- Gary Himes

Following is a list of this years Frozen Thumb Society Members!!

Henry Alexander Greg Golden Larry Legg Don Strack
Tony Becerra Mark Golden Mike Marek Tom Sullivan
Bruce Bellemore Duane Grigsby Keri McQuerrey Ron Swindle
Ron Carroll Charles Haefke Rick McQuerrey Dwayne Thomas
WR Crane Gary Himes Mark Nuetzmann Jim Thompson
Bill Creswell Walt Hulen Charles Schroeder Gary Watts
Dan Drennen Larry Johnson David Stadler Pete Whitteck
Jim Forrester Jeff Laven Jim Stocker Danny Williamson

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