The Northern Knights 1997 Tournament of Champions Road Trip

On 22 October a few minutes till 4 PM Three and a half Northern Knights members met at Jim's house. They quickly loaded their road gear which included an icechest packaged by the master chest packer, Gary (if you've never experanced one of Gary's icechests you haven't lived) into Jim's Van (which by the way is the "PERFECT" road trip machine) and headed West. Crusing low, guided by the light of the stars and driven by the smell of burnt castor oil thru the night the four traveled. Paying rediculas prices for fuel in Colorado and Utah they continued across Interstate 70 until just after daylight, where they turned on a South Westerly course down Highway 15 toward Las Vegas. Skipping lunch, with mouths druling for Polish sasuage and a Heniken beer they pressed on, arriving at the William G. Bennett R/C Field, (adjacent to the Silver Bowl Sports Complex) 21 hours later, right at 11 AM Las Vegas time.

Having to settle for chilli dogs and hamburgers, the werry travlers settled in to watch the Noon Flight demonstrations performed by Dave Storey and his helicopter, Bob Violet and his Turbine Bandit, Wayne Handley in his full scale Raven to mention a few.

Several Hours later after a meal of Prime Rib and Crab legs along with a bit of Keno (not at the Skyraise I might add) the Hot Tub felt really great. Then after settling in for the evening I don't think a sole in the appartment even had the energy to rollover in their sleep.

The next day came with high winds reaching 45 MPH. Breakfest was served at the PepperMill and flying (except for a Wayne Handley/Raven demonstration flight) sadley enough had to be canceled for the majority of the day. That left the time needed to see some of the town, and a few casinos as well. Dinner that night, of course, included Prime Rib and Crab legs at the Oz Buffet in the MGM Grand Casino and Hotel. Again that evening the Hot Tub felt great.

Saturday morning included breakfest at the Pink Pony along with a few keno games where Bob won enough AGAIN, to pay for his meal and a bit more. The wind had let up concederbly to 15 MPH and flying went on as scheduled. I do enjoy the four minute free style flights. I didn't know until then that planes could dance so gracefully.
That evening brought the TOC Dinner Banquet at the Sahara Casino and Hotel where they announce all but the top five finalest. Again that evening the Hot Tube felt great.

Sunday Morning breakfest and keno at the Hilton Lindy restruant, check out and to the field to watch the finals. At 3PM a couple of minutes after the Final awards were given out we were on the road again homeward bound. Again with one of Gary's icechests, we headed East via the Southern Route, across Hover Damn into Arizona on thru New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas to Jim's house. It was over before we knew it, home agian and back to work for most. All and all it was a great road trip, including only the best of company, conversation, food, and of course, Airplanes.

This is hanging it on the prop
and this.
and another with smoke
a nice flyby
and another
a nice knife edge
and another knife edge
One of Bob Vilots Bandits
Pilot with plane
Smoke working well
A TOC sticker