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19 October 2003



Jim Stocker shakes the hobby industry!

    Well know hobbyist Jim Stocker shook the hobby world yesterday upon arriving to the flying field with a plastic covered Almost Ready to Fly (ARF).  Although Jim has never owned an ARF plane in the past, the true shock is that the aircraft was covered with plastic film.  All that have known  Jim for more than a week know that real planes are not covered with plastic. 
    When China received word of Jim's plastic covered plane there was panic in the streets.  We were recently told that the price of silk was plummeting, and that China is looking for other goods (possibly children) to export to make up for the projected loss of income.  They fear that if Jim doesn't come back to silk and dope the country will go bankrupt within six months, and if they don't receive aid from the Unites States, they may have to go to war.
    Taiwan on the other hand has become very excited and is expecting to triple their national income if they can convince Jim to continue purchasing plastic covered ARF aircraft.  Nether government has been available for official comments.
    The world awaits Jim's next move.  The real question is will he purchasing a covering iron?  If I were the owner of Top Flite Model Company, (makers/distributors of Monokote), I would ensure he received an iron and heat gun free of charge.
    See the picture below for proof

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