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Steve Shippy in full concentration mode. 

Think he can make the next TOC?

Gary Himes, and new Stinger.

Hay is that the flying field?

Gary's New Toy

Lanier .60 Size Stinger, w/Super Tigre G90 for power

Who's dog is that?

Danny Williamson having fun.
Digging himself out of a hole or planting season is here with high hopes.

Enjoying his first flight.   This is what R/C is all about.
Gotta love it!


Ouch, that will leave a mark!

Does anybody want some?

Good Food Friday, 2 April 1999,
People playing hooky from work
Good Fun

Bob doing the cooking.


Bob's Cap 232, flys as good as it looks.

Dave ensuring the food didn't go to waste.


Dave putting Phil to work.  Somebody has too.

Enjoying the first cookout for the year

Food looks good

John's Stinger

Lonnie hard at work.